Isaac Butterfield response to backlash

Australian Comedian Isaac Butterfield slammed on social media and by Islamic leaders over an offensive joke about the Christchurch massacre at a Mosque in his comedy special Anti-Hero.

This Australian extremist stormed this building, this mosque, this room where people were saying their prayers and going about their business. And for me the saddest thing about, it wasn’t 52 people who were killed, it wasn’t the countless others that had their lives changed forever because their family members were taken from them. It was the hundreds of people that night who couldn’t make it home from nightclubs in Christchurch because all the cabbies were dead.

Isaac Butterfield, Anti-Hero

Isaac Butterfield makes no apologies for the joke in his response, repeating that it is an offensive joke and meant to shock, like many similar popular comedians have told and does not represent his really feelings on the massacre.

He absolutely deserves to to be called out because just as much as he feels he can tell offensive jokes, people can be offended and voice their outrage. But showing some of the message he received, death threats and threats of physical violence are going too far, “I hope your daughter gets raped”.

CCTV footage from The Times of India

A woman driver of a BMW SUV stopped to buy an Ice-cream at a road side cart. With Ice-cream in hand, CCTV footage shows the BMW ramming the vendor and customers injuring four.

When questioned by Police, the BMW driver blames her dog, that the dog jumped for her Ice-cream and changed the gear. Which doesn’t explain why she was unable to brake.

She was charged with negligent driving and causing hurt due to negligence.

Making her appearance on The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon through Zoom, Alanis Morissette performs Ablaze while holding her daughter.

Alanis Morissette giggled and interacted with her adorable 4 year old daughter Onyx Solace during the song about motherhood and family.

Alanis Morissette sings Ablaze on The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon

First thing that you’ll notice is some separation from each other
Yes it’s a lie we’ve been believing since time immemorial
There was an apple, there was a snake, there was division
There was a split, there was a conflict in the fabric of life

Alanis: Is it too loud?
Onyx: It’s ok
Alanis: ok

One became two and then everyone was out for themselves
Everyone was pitted against each other; conflict ruled the realm
All our devotions and temperaments are pulled from different wells
We seem to easily forget we are made of the same cells

Onyx: Hi, but that’s not the same *indistinguishable*
Alanis: ok, sorry

To my boy, all that energy so vital
Love your hues and your blues in equal measure
Your comings and your goings away
My mission is to keep the light in your eyes ablaze

Onyx: Hi mom
Alanis: Hi biggie

Second thing you’ll notice is that often we think that there’s not enough
It might feel dark, it might feel lonely
You may be overcome with darkness and a sense of helplessness
But it won’t matter if you keep the core connected to the oneness

Onyx: I can hear you
Alanis: Ready?

To my girl, all your innocence and fire
When you reach out, I am here hell or high water
This yest is never going away

Onyx: Did you say yest?
Alanis: Nest
My mission is to keep the ablaze
Onyx: But why did you say nest?
Alanis: Because it’s a nest?
… Ablaze

And this cord is unbreakable
This pilot light is there in your pocket
And this bond, beyond unshakeable
Even if we all forget
All at the same time
If we forget at the same time

Onyx: why you say …
Alanis: This is the last one

To my boy, my precious gentle warrior
To your sweetness and your strength in exploring
May this bond stay with you through all your days
My mission is to keep the light in your eyes ablaze

To my girl
To my my
The light in your eyes
My mission is to keep the light in your eyes ablaze

First thing that you’ll notice is that everything is temporary
Next thing you might notice is that we will always be a family

Onyx: did you say family?
Alanis: I did say family.
Onyx: I still hear music, still hear music, keep on singing
Alanis: Keep going?
Onyx: oh, you stay(?)
Alanis: I can stop?
Onyx: Yes
Alanis: Ok, thanks.

Alanis Morissette performing Ablaze on The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon