Zeroes is a Heroes Parody. Ordinary people with relatively pointless abilities, like fitting your fist in your mouth, touching your nose with your tongue, kicking the back of your own head, balance a flip phone on your nose, flexibility, writing with your foot, music with a straw or rolling your stomach.

They are here, walking among us. Seemingly normal people with special qualities. They can not fly or teleport, though that would be nice, but still they have hidden powers. They are ordinary people with relatively pointless abilities. How does it feel to kick yourself in the back of your own head? If you could balance a flip phone on your nose, would you use it to save the world? And still will others use their bendyiess for evil purposes? How is the foot writer connected to the straw playing guy? Perhaps each will walk alone with their own abilities. Powers no human can wield or would be caught dead wielding. Their time is here, their fate is now. They are ordinary people with ordinary abilities. They are Zeroes.

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