Les Grossman hollywood mega mogul

MTV is going viral to promote the upcoming MTV Movie Awards starring Tom Cruise as Les Grossman, hollywood mega mogul, featuring Robert Pattinson.

Les: MTV is sportin’ mad wood over the fact your doin’ the show.
Robert: Thanks, thinkin’ about cleaning myself up a little bit. Maybe get a suit, have a shave, maybe wash my hair.
Les: I love it. In fact, I love it so much I’m going to fly Vidal [censored] Sassoon here to personally give you a brazilian blow out. And when he is done, I’ll give you the number of a good plumber, because you just flushed your [censored] career down the toilet. Your filth hair made you a star. Your filth hair made me hundred of millions of dollars and sent my fat [censored] kid to space camp four times. So what kind of shampoo are you going to use?
Robert: … dirt?
Les: That’s my dirty dog, player.

source: MTV, youtube.com

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