Playground Insults with Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt

Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt have been touring together to promote their new movie Passengers and exchange Playground Insults on Scott Mills’ radio show.

JL:You are so falsely strong, that if I was given the choice of you or your wife to protect me, I would choose Anna.
CP:Why to they call it joy?
JL:I really loved you in Everwood, said no one ever.
CP:I can’t think of anything bad about you.
JL:Stop don’t you psych me out.
CP:I like you so much, it’s a shame…
JL:Shut your mouth. Shut up. You are so stupid that your three year old son has probably taught you everything you know.
CP:it’s such a shame when you meet someone you thought you’d like.
JL:You are so dumb that I consciously make an effort not to use compound words or words more than three syllables.
CP:How does it feel being in the worst Marvel movie.
JL:You are so bad at acting the cast of Saved by the bell feel sorry for you.
CP:I recently told you that you act like Adele sings. I hate Adele.
JL:Where do you keep your Oscar?
CP:You were given an Oscar for Best Actress, you would also get one for being the worst. Think I just lost 20 points on that one, you really got me on the ropes.
JL:You are such a bad guy. I don’t have anything. Your beard is so thin… oh I can’t talk about my pubes. You are so old that your publicist is probably a registered nurse.
CP:You have so much fake hair that if you commit a crime the CSI lab would probably convict some Ukrainian girl.
JL:Before our sex scene I took two Pepto-bismol.
CP:During our sex scene, I felt your dick rub into me.

source: BBC Radio 1

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