Dua Lipa interviews seniors who doesn’t know who she is

Okay, I am old too and didn’t know of Dua Lipa but I have definitely heard some of her music. Having won 2 Grammy’s already, she is not exactly “new talent”, but she admits her audience is among the young. Dua Lipa’s music has a funky bass and beat, reminiscent of Jamiroquai in my generation, I am definitely putting her on my playlist now.

Dua Lipa guest hosts Jimmy Kimmel Live and does these interviews in the opening monologue as a segment called “Who-a Lipa” a pun on her name. She wears a stylish Chanel (or similarly styled) formal wear with a gold chain choker necklace, a look which could come straight from Stepford wifes or Mad men, as she interviews seniors about music and particularly Dua Lipa.

Dua: Hi
E1: Hello
E2: Hi pretty girl
Dua: Hi pretty lady, how you doing?
E2: I’m great, thank you
Dua: Hello
E3: Not too loud I don’t hear you too well
Dua: So, my first question is, how would you describe pop music in general?
E4: Pop music? I’m the worst person to ask that
E5: I’m not particularly familiar with much pop
Dua: Do you know who Dua Lipa is?
E6: Who?
E5: Er, is that a person?
E7: Dua Lipa
E8: Dua Meeta?
E7: Dua Lipa?
E1: No, but I heard that name somewhere, but I do not know who, I assume its a lady
Dua: Do you know who Dua Lipa is?
E3: Doobie Brothers?
Dua: I’m going to play some music for you and you just let me know what you think
E5: Okay, fine
Dua: Okay, let’s do it
E2: Love it, love it, love it. What’s the name of it?
Dua: That’s called Break my heart
E2: That’s a good one, I’m writing it down
Dua: You think she has a future in the music industry?
E3: I don’t know, she might do well on TikTok
Dua: haha. She might, your very right, she might do well on TikTok
E9: I like to move a little bit, da-da-da do-do-do doo-do-do hello
Dua: Woo. So what do you think, you think you could make love to this song
E6: What? Me … to that song. No.
Dua: If your grand child told you this was their favourite song, what would you say?
E10: Good for you
Dua: Okay, this is, this is her
E3: Who is that?
E2: She looks just like my first grand daughter, Vicky
E4: That’s terrible
Dua: It’s terrible?
E4: If I had a daugther I wouldn’t want her to go out in that
E1: It looks like she’s trying too hard
Dua: How about this one?
E6: Oh yeah. Ho yeah. Ho yeah
E4: I guess by today’s standards that would be, you know, fine… you know
Dua: I think she will take fine. Do you think you would, like looks straight into the webcam and say Dua Lipa is the greatest pop star in history for me please
E4: I would never say that
Dua: hehe, okay great, I’ll, I’ll tell you said that.
Dua: Can you say Dua Lipa’s music cured my arthritis?
E3: Does she claim that? Does she claim that? I don’t think so.
Dua: That’s what her whole career is based on, curing arthritis
E3: oh, during our crisis. I thought you said arthritis
Dua: okay, how about Dua Lipa is a million times better than Frank Sinatra
E4: Oh no, absolutely not . . . she’s not holding a candle to him
Dua: If Dua Lipa was here right now, what advice do you think you would give to her?
E9: I’m just looking at you wondering are you Dua Lipa? You look like her
Dua: No, people say that to me all the time, but I did meet her once and she’s actually, she’s not very nice
E9: Are you sure your not she?
Dua: I am Dua Lipa. So thank you
E9: I thought so, I say come on now
Dua: I’m Dua Lipa
E4: Oh swell, hehe, I really got myself in it this time didn’t I
Dua: Just wanted to let you know, I’m Dua Lipa
E3: Oh you’re Jua Neepa. I ah obviously, I had no idea
Dua: Thank you so much, just wanted to let you know, I’m Dua Lipa
E6: Oh, oh my, are you really? No yes?
Dua: Yes
E6: I’m going to run out right now and buy a CD
Dua: Oh, I’m Dua Lipa by the way
E1: haha, I feel like I’ve been pranked

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