Isaac Butterfield response to offensive Christchurch massacre joke

Isaac Butterfield response to backlash

Australian Comedian Isaac Butterfield slammed on social media and by Islamic leaders over an offensive joke about the Christchurch massacre at a Mosque in his comedy special Anti-Hero.

This Australian extremist stormed this building, this mosque, this room where people were saying their prayers and going about their business. And for me the saddest thing about, it wasn’t 52 people who were killed, it wasn’t the countless others that had their lives changed forever because their family members were taken from them. It was the hundreds of people that night who couldn’t make it home from nightclubs in Christchurch because all the cabbies were dead.

Isaac Butterfield, Anti-Hero

Isaac Butterfield makes no apologies for the joke in his response, repeating that it is an offensive joke and meant to shock, like many similar popular comedians have told and does not represent his really feelings on the massacre.

He absolutely deserves to to be called out because just as much as he feels he can tell offensive jokes, people can be offended and voice their outrage. But showing some of the message he received, death threats and threats of physical violence are going too far, “I hope your daughter gets raped”.

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