Jason Derulo knocked Will Smith teeth out with golf swing

Jason Derulo appeared to knock Will Smith’s teeth out after hitting him in the face with a golf club in a TikTok prank.

It was later posted on Instagram, Will Smith has fans thinking Jason Derulo knocked his teeth out.

Jason: Why you filming man?
Will: So what you do with golf, you put your swing on camera then you look at it. Set it up, we gonna get your swing right. You gotta set it up right to the ball. Bend your knees a little bit. . . wait hold it, don’t swing yet (impact) oh god

Jason: You gonna put some ice on that
Will: Aghhhh
Jason: I got, I got a thing.
Will: Alright, its, its my turn, my turn.
Jason: Nah, I’ll be back
Will: Nah, only need one swing. Only need one swing. Let me get my driver. Hold up, hold up.
Jason: Ah we could just talk about it.
(Lion sleeps tonight music plays in freeze frame)

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