David Blaine returns to death defying feats in Ascension

Best known for Street magic and his extreme feats of endurance, David Blaine’s last death defying feat was in 2012 called Electrified which saw David in a 15 kilogram Faraday suit between Tesla coils discharging bolts of electricity around his body.

His daughter was 2 at the time and he decided that what he did was too scary for her and he stopped his extreme performances until now. Daughter Dessa age 9 now has inspired him to do this new feat like the Disney movie Up.

Ascension was made possible with a team from YouTube, David Blaine will float up in the air by a bunch of special balloons. One “balloon” holds important equipment for cameras, safety and control including a parachute which David will use when he reaches more than 20 thousand feet.

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