Real life Gundam 60 foot Robot in Yokohama, Japan

The Gundam Series of TV shows featuring giant robots began in 1979 which inspired the many different franchises featuring giant robots. A real Gundam has been posted around on social media spotted in Yokohama, Japan with many speculations it is a CGI or Deepfake.

In fact this is real as the Gundam Factory in Yokohama have been constructing this life sized Gundam, 60 foot tall or 18 metres, for some time now. There has been movement testing videos from July, but seems only recently does it appear close to complete with testing of a wide range of motion.

Due to have its official publicly debut on 1st October after delays. This Gundam Robot is more of a attraction than a real development toward giant walking robots, as this robot is connected at the torso to the large structure for support.

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