Ryan Reynold fanned out for Rick Moranis

Actor Ryan Reynolds, known for Deadpool and Detective Pikachu, is using his influence to promote his side hustles. He did a series of viral videos for his Aviation Gin which recently changed hands for US$610 million.

Mint Mobile is Ryan Reynolds latest venture, he became part owner in November last year. Trying to repeat his Aviation Gin success, Ryan is starring in a series of ads promoting Mint Mobile’s new Unlimited plans, featuring Rick Moranis.

Rick Moranis seems to show up with no lines and Ryan Reynolds proceeds to fan out over the comedy legend whom took a long hiatus from the lime light, but due to appear in a Honey I Shrunk the Kids reboot.

Teacher of the Year Rodney Robinson appear in the same series of commercials on the premise of confirming some basic Math.

Paul Revere’s Great Great Great Great Granddaughter Avery Revere did a commercial also.

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