After Tim Allen started trending on Twitter many fans wondered if he had died, Tim Allen has confirmed he is still alive. Many go on to Ask why Tim Allen is even trending on Twitter thus perpetuating the trend.

Despite Tim Allen being still alive here is a classic stand up which shows the origins of the grunts and sounds iconic of his Home Improvement character Tim Taylor.

Classic Tim Allen stand up origins of his grunts and sounds from Home Improvement

In the lead up to #WilderFury2 the rematch to the controversial split draw decision between Deontay Wilder and Tyson Fury we see the Weigh-in event where they Face off against each other to hype up the match.

Seen by many as staged like how WWE Wrestling play up the drama and entertainment even down to the result of their first encounter, the face off is described as “hilariously fake” by Sports Illustrated, see and judge for yourself.

A new viral challenge has been showing up with an amazing Broom Trick called the NASA Broom Challenge #NASABroomChallenge with the explanation that it has to do with the effects of gravity on at a certain time of year but Pete Delkus from WFAA in Dallas clears things up.

The real physics explanation of the Broom Trick is the center of gravity on the broom must be low and the bristles spread to hold it up like a tripod. It does not have anything to do with the Earth’s gravity and can be done any time of year.