Crocs are collaborating with the Puerto Rican star Bad Bunny, who recently performed a concert on top of a truck around New York, to sell Bad Bunny Crocs which glow in the dark.

They went on sale September 29 at noon ET for USD$59.99 and were almost instantly sold out. No longer available on the Crocs Website, but there are already listings on ebay for over USD$200.

Crocs have done really well with these types of limited edition collaborations such as Post Malone and Ruby Rose, as well as brands like KFC and Barneys.

The new DC superhero nemesis Black Adam star Dwayne Johnson, famous for his wrestling name The Rock, was forced to rip his gate apart with his bare hands.

After storms caused a power outage, Dwayne Johnson was left trapped behind his gate unable to override the lock and what else could he do when he was running late and the Black Adam production crew of hundred were waiting on him.

Despite not his finest hour, he posted the photo of the gate to his Instagram.

This was an amazing feat of strength to tear the gate brackets from the brick wall. Dwayne Johnson must be in incredible shape for his role in Black Adam.

Keemster a fellow Youtuber announced on his Twitter that retired boxing champion Floyd Mayweather was to return to fight Youtuber Logan Paul. Floyd Mayweather officially retired his career in 2015 with an incredible 49 wins and no loses. Returning for a exhibition with Connor McGregor in 2017, McGregor known for MMA lost this boxing match.

Logan Paul has been fairly consistently been surrounded by controversy most notably during a trip to Japan filmed a corpse of a man who hung himself in forest well known for suicides. Logan Paul started his boxing career for high profile youtube amateur matches until a rematch with Youtuber/Rapper/Boxer KSI turned professional event.

In the only professional match of Logan Paul he lost to a split decision, 2 judges scored KSI winner and 1 judge scored Logan Pail winner. But I can only imagine jokingly still called out Floyd Mayweather on twitter for a match.

Despite his professional record Logan Paul does still draw a large following with over 22 million subscribers of his Youtube channel, I imagine this match is definitely a publicity stunt. I find it highly unlikely that Floyd Mayweather would come out of retirement again for this kind of match not really needing Logan Paul’s following to draw attention, so I am predicting that this is going to be one big prank as Keemster is not above this kind of controversy either. Very likely exploiting a mysterious teaser from Floyd Mayweather of an upcoming announcement.