Elton John and Mattel have joined to release a limited edition Elton John themed Barbie to celebrate the musician’s style and music. Featuring iconic rose-colored sunglasses and hat and from the picture looks like it may include a piano and mic stand.

From the trend of celebrity collaborations recently I think these will be grabbed up fast and won’t last long in stores.

Crocs are collaborating with the Puerto Rican star Bad Bunny, who recently performed a concert on top of a truck around New York, to sell Bad Bunny Crocs which glow in the dark.


They went on sale September 29 at noon ET for USD$59.99 and were almost instantly sold out. No longer available on the Crocs Website, but there are already listings on ebay for over USD$200.

Crocs have done really well with these types of limited edition collaborations such as Post Malone and Ruby Rose, as well as brands like KFC and Barneys.

The new DC superhero nemesis Black Adam star Dwayne Johnson, famous for his wrestling name The Rock, was forced to rip his gate apart with his bare hands.

After storms caused a power outage, Dwayne Johnson was left trapped behind his gate unable to override the lock and what else could he do when he was running late and the Black Adam production crew of hundred were waiting on him.

Despite not his finest hour, he posted the photo of the gate to his Instagram.


This was an amazing feat of strength to tear the gate brackets from the brick wall. Dwayne Johnson must be in incredible shape for his role in Black Adam.