Sorry Slashdot humour there. This is my new Weblog targeted at archiving fun games, funny videos and general amusement from the “Rest of the net”. Welcome! No seriousness allowed here.

To set the tone of things to come, here is something to wet your taste buds.

Playstation 3 verses Nintendo Wii Advertisement (parody) in the style of the Apple (vs. PC).

wii: hello, I’m a Wii
ps3: and I am a Playstation 3.

wii: I like go-karts. vroom, vroom.

ps3: My interests are world war 2 combat, karaoke, and tackle football.

wii: I’m just as cute as a button.

ps3: Well, I’m educated and worldly, but if your just interested in having a good time good luck on figuring out which buttons of mine to push. By the way, my vibrating features have been disabled.

wii: All you have to do is just touch me and you’ll have the time of your life.

ps3: But I’m multilayered, well rounded for multiple players and ready to rule your life with my multi applications and multi ambitions. I am large and in charge.

wii: I’m just peppy.

ps3: Yeah, well people know I mean business by how expensive I am. Good things cost good money.

wii: I’m cheap and fun.

ps3: Have you ever even heard of the Blu-ray. It’s the future! High definition, a viewing experience like you’ve never seen. Argh!

wii: See you soon.

source: G4