With the announcement of the Apple iPhone 12 and 12 mini, we already have a selection of iPhone 12 funny parodies. Features of the iPhone 12 which are ripe for parody are more cameras, magnets, the mini, and missing charger, I mean lighter iPhone box.

A Rick and Morty fan made a iPhone X style commercial for the Plumbus X back in 2017 which is going viral again.

With the huge hype of its release the Apple iPad demands attention and here we like to mock. With a name like iPad this joke was bound to be coming, Apple iPad is a feminine hygiene product.

Why use a maxi-pad when there’s the new iPad from Apple? With the new iPad, I just hook my Apple to my peach and I can download protection for up to a thousand periods. And with wireless blue tooth technology, iPad sets you up for fast uploading without all that water-bloating.
But what if my computer had a virus?
Don’t worry, each iPad comes with pre-installed vaginal firewall protection.
The new Apple iPad. Please don’t make us explain how it works.

source: boreme.com > youtube.com > MadTV

I found this Mac vs. PC spoof from Maddox accompanying his rant on mac users. He basically says what I have been saying for ages, that the people Apple were targeting “back in the day” were idiots (to quote Wes Borg, “Mummys and daddys”).

The recent popularity was partly inspired by “evangelical” marketing, trying to create a new elitist computer users. Maddox says they can’t STFU.

And another thing that I say is that Apple is popular because of the ipod.

To clear my POV, it’s just an operating system … get over it. I don’t want to hear about it. I considered getting an ibook for about 5 seconds for back lit keyboard.

External: Maddox rant

And the video with the basic message: Macs Gay

source: maddox.xmission.com (thebestpageintheuniverse.net)