The full movie title for Borat 2 is Borat Subsequent Moviefilm: Delivery of Prodigious Bribe to American Regime for Make Benefit Once Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan. The Moviefilm will be released on Amazon Prime Video on October 23.

After the events of the first film, Borat played by Sacha Baron Cohen has brought shame to Kazakhstan and has gone back to America with his daughter Sandra Jessica Parker Sagdiyev played by Maria Bakalova to present as a gift. Since Borat gets recognized he has to go in disguise.

Just like the first film, there are some people who will not be happy with the way they are portrayed in this movie, with speculation that it could ruin a politicians political career.

Borat at his hilarious best with this interview from Kazakhstan for Comic relief 2007.

Transcript of the interview:

Graham: Hello Borat, thank you for joining us this evening.
Borat: Jegshemash, eh Grahams. I like you, I like sex.
Hello Englands. What, what, what?
English things are very popular in Kazakhstan. Drinking tea, cricket and position blow job.
It very convienent . . . no need to remove wife from cage.
Eh Grahams, I have been watching Comics relief all night, but please tell me where is English super star Jade Goodie.
We are huge fannies of .. we are huge fannies of her in Kazakhstan. We are hoping she will be telling some of her racist jokes tonight.
We like very much her naughty one about the pappadums.
Graham: Yeah, Actually, eh Borat, Jade isn’t here tonight. Tell me do you have telethons like this one in Kazakhstan.
Borat: Yes, Grahams. The money from last years telethon was used to construct the
Almaty disabled care centre, it have 300 cages for them to live in and public
viewing gallery, where for 10 Tenge you can stare at the strange ones and for 20 you can throw potatos on them. Why not they do not remember nothing.
Graham: I’m assuming erm Borat you were the host of the telethon.
Borat: Kercholabashmet(?). What?
Graham: I was saying, I presume you where the host of this telethon.
Borat: Of course not. It was host by one of your biggest English stars Terry Wogan. He was well worth the one million pounds he charged us.
Graham: Is there anything that you, that you personally are willing to donate to our day?
Borat: Yes, glorious republic of Kazakhstan will tonight make donation of our three most precious natural resources: Potasium, apples and Human pubis.
This veil took three women to make. Our pubis have finest in all of world and can be used to clean pots and pans. This year was magnificent havest grahams, in fact my own teste forrest has barely grown back.
Graham: Alright. That is a lovely gesture Borat, but have you actually given money to Africa before?
Borat: Yes. Last year in London, I paid a woman from Gambia fifty pounds. And for this she let me make romance explosion on her chest. Nice. She game me relief, not comic but hand.
Graham: That’s a lovely story, thank you. Will your government be supporting comic relief.
Borat: Grahams, we have been watch your program tonight and on behalf of Kazakhstan government we are willing to pledge you 20 billion Kazakhi Tenge, equivantlent to 300 pounds. In return for fifteen of these strong chocolate boys you have been advertising.
Graham: Alright, I’m not sure you’ve really understood what the evening’s about. Look, are you doing any fund raiseing events for comic relief in Kazakhstan?
Borat: Yes, you will not believe this Grahams, in order to raise money for your
charity, Kazakhstan’s number one dare devil stunt man, Iktar Kagdilan, will perform most amazing feat. He will attempt live on prime timings television, to take his hram and put it inside another mans anus. If he succeed he will pull it out and push it in again. Can you imagine such bravery?
Graham: Yes I can. In fact Borat I have perform such acts of bravery myself, several times.
Borat: wow-wha-we-wha. Graham you must have raise many millions for charity. Your wife must be very proud of you?
Graham: … OK thank you very much Borat. Thank you.
Borat: Thank you Grahams. When you come to Kazakstan you can come stay, eat our
food, and use my sister or maybe my brother Bilo. He is a retard with 200 teeth and a brain like a chicken. If you use his anus he will cry for two minutes and then smile and then forget what ever you have do.

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SexyDrownWatch is a deleted scene from the movie Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan. Borat gets an idea for a new show from Pamela Anderson.