With the announcement of the Apple iPhone 12 and 12 mini, we already have a selection of iPhone 12 funny parodies. Features of the iPhone 12 which are ripe for parody are more cameras, magnets, the mini, and missing charger, I mean lighter iPhone box.

A Rick and Morty fan made a iPhone X style commercial for the Plumbus X back in 2017 which is going viral again.

Bill Murray returns to his role in the 1993 film Groundhog day in this 2020 Superbowl Ad for the Jeep Gladiator. Murray re-enacting scenes from the original movie in the new Jeep with the Groundhog, Punxsutawney Phil.

To set the scene Stephen Tobolowsky returns as Ned Ryerson, the annoying Insurance salesman Murray’s character knew in High school and Brian Doyle-Murray as Buster Green, Mayor of the town.

Complete with the Sonny and Cher song “I got you babe” from the original soundtrack, this advertisement has all the stars and production values you expect to see from the prized Superbowl Ad slots.

Funny parody of popular kids television show Playschool by Sammy J for political commentary.

There we go Barnaby-dumpty. “Ain’t no party like a National party”
Hello, I’m Sammy. This feels a bit naughty doesn’t it, being up this late. But Mummy and Daddy are drinking their special apple juice and uncle Derrick is giving the toilet a big cuddle. And I just can’t sleep because I’m so excited the year is about to end. We learnt a lot of new words this year, didn’t we: brexit, ScoMo, unpresidential. But hang on, is it the new year yet? Let’s take a look at the clock and find out.

Well the big hand is pointing to disaffected white male voters and the little hand is pointing at the end of civilization as we know it. So that means it’s . . . still 2016. Well while we’re waiting we can make our new years resolutions. A resolution is just like a promise, but it’s better than a promise cause you don’t have to keep it, isn’t that right guys. But broken promises can make you feel bit sad, can’t they. Like when mummy and daddy promised there’s no one in the world more special than you, then your little baby brother Barry came along and your little baby Barry gets to have a bubble bath, but who gets all the bubbles in the bubble bath? your little baby Barry. But don’t worry I know a song we can sing whenever we’re feeling a little bit down.

(song) When you feel down and out, like your problems are too big, like they cancelled Peppa Pig. Don’t give up, remember there’s something you can do, Mum and Dad can try it too. Just sing this song when you feel blue.

Put your hands up and clap and say “At least we’re not America” When you feel sad. Say “At least we’re not America” and things won’t feel so bad.

Sure we got problems too. Our mining boom is through and you’ll never own a house unless your Dad buys one for you. We trust no one, so the terrorists have won. Which is better than our cricketers have done.

But At least we’re not America. We might be screwed but at least we’re not America, so show some gratitude.

(spoken) Feels better doesn’t it. You can sing this song no matter what country your in. Maybe your in France and your upset about religious freedom. Maybe your in Canada and your upset about Celine Dion. Maybe your in England and your upset about being in England. But it could be worse.

(song) Just put your hands up and clap and say “At least we’re not America” so things are looking grand because we’re not America so grab your pussy by the hand and sing we’re not America, so how bad can things get? because we’re not America, I’m sure we’re not America, at least we’re not America, yet.

(spoken) Happy New year.

source: iview and Sammy J