To celebrate/commiserate what might be the end of Conan O’Brien on TV, a trip down memory lane with Triumph the insult comic dog at the Starwars premier of Attack of the Clones.

Yes, Its premier night here for attack of the clones but outside of the ziegfeld theater is the real show, Return of the Dorks. Thousands of thirty five year old men waiting days and even months for just a taste of George lucas’s table scraps. Lonely men who have never had sex, not even with a catholic priest.

Unbelievable, among the nerds I found an actual girl here. Look at this, not too shady around here, huh honey the male female ratio, yeah. I mean you got your veritable pick of the litter. You can choose of all kinds of, all kinds of guys who have no idea how to please you.

Look at this one, oh my god you look like some kind of super nerd. You know that was built, looks like you were built in a laboratory out of parts from lesser nerds. Bionic nerd if you will. Jedi OB wanna whack off right now.

So what’s going on here, you got a little future nerd here? … When is he due? … Wow, thats the last time he’ll ever see female genitalia.

Dear friends, our work here is over. We have enjoyed our stay, but the horses of reality and the demands of a normal sex life compel us to depart, may the force be with you … for me to poop on.