Hugh Jackman loves R.M. Williams boots

Hugh Jackman is in a commercial for R.M. Williams boots and is not shy about only wearing R.M Williams boots. The Australian footwear and clothing brand known for comfortable genuine leather wear teams up with Australia’s favourite superhero.

Rep: Firstly let me say Hugh, that we are delighted that you love R.M. Williams boots.

Hugh: I’m actually like in love, they’re great, they’re amazing, really.

Rep: While we appreciate how literally you’ve taken the clause that stipulates you can only wear R.M. Williams. . .

Hugh: My word is my bond. When I say I’m in, I am all in, you know? and honestly it’s me that should be paying you, it’s a privilege . . . it’s a privilege.

Rep: That’s lovely to hear. I do want to note that you ARE allowed to, and we highly encourage you to wear other clothes in general not just . . .

Hugh: Look. look, hang on, hang on. Look at this, it’s one beautiful piece of leather, beautiful stitching and they’re comfortable. I mean the balls of my feet just feel like they’ve died and were widely mourned and just gone to ball heaven, if you know what I mean.

Rep: Yeahhh

Hugh: Seriously, it’s changed my life.

Rep: 88 hand made processes, but I think you may be missing the point.

Hugh: Oh, no, no. I hear you, don’t worry, loud and clear. Only R.M. Williams.

Hugh: What is this?

Rep: It’s a new chair.

Hugh: A new chair, that’s awesome. Honestly you should sit in this.

Rep: You can have that. I’m just going to burn it.

Hugh: Everything in R.M. Williams is so comfortable.

Rep: Not everything is comfortable.

A chair made a noble sacrifice to make this funny commercial.

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