Deadpool and Korg, characters of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, make an appearance on Ryan Reynold’s YouTube to react to the trailer of Free Guy. Voiced by Ryan Reynolds and Taika Waititi respectively, these actors both appear in the Free Guy movie.

Deadpool and Korg React

Lesser known Korg was introduced as a cameo in Thor: Ragnarok for director, Taika Waititi, and became a fan favourite and reoccurred in the Avengers: End Game and expected to return in Thor: Love and Thunder.

A lawyer has hilariously appeared on a Zoom court session for 394th District court of Texas with a Cat filter. The cute cat has a sad looking face which really suited the situation and says, “I’m prepared to go forward with it, I’m here live it’s …, I’m not a cat”. One commenter says “that’s exactly what a cat would say”.